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About SHA

At Schmelzle & Henderson Associates, Inc. (SHA) our mission is to provide surveying services with an unwavering focus on quality and reliability. With decades of experience in the heavy construction industry, we have field-proven expertise in a wide array of applications including construction stakeout, topographic and hydrographic (single and multi-beam) surveying, modeling, drone photogrammetry, sonar/towfish scanning, land development, base station installation and setup, machine control modeling and implementation, and FEMA elevation certificates. We have worked as surveyors and engineers on roadway, bridge, and marine projects of all sizes ($15M – 3.1B) and with project owners of all types (e.g., DOT, USACE, state and federal governments, and private companies). The co-owners, Cheryl Schmelzle and Zachary Henderson, founded SHA as a rare opportunity to combine field experience, industry connections, and technical education in response to the increasing market demand for surveying services.
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